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1337_m00's livejournal

The goop seeping out of my brain.

19 July 1991
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name? Allison
gender? Female
age? 14
height? 5'4"
weight? 152
hair colour? black for now.
eye colour? hazel, green, blue and brown ;o
location? Ontario, Canada

Section 2{have you ever}

Peed your pants? Yes...
fallen for a relative? a crush? a little one.
fallen off a bed? Yes
cheated on somebody? Yes
had plastic surgery? No
had your heart broken? Yes
broke some1's heart? i don't think so...
done something you regret? yea...
moved somewhere and missed your friends? yes, and i'm about to do it again D;
cheated on a test? Yes
had a dream come true? Yes
broken a body part? no
been raped? in a dream. but i bet that doesn't count...

Section 3{currently}

Wearing? yoga pants and an oversized tee-shirt.
listening to? The sound of the computer
talking to? marlo
chewing? nothing
drinking? diet coke
reading? this...
feeling? sick
should really be? doing my project
located? computer room.
watching? This screen

Section 4{do you}

Brush your teeth? Yes
like anybody? Of course!
have any piercings? 8
drive? no
believe in santa clause? No
get off the computer? Me get off the computer? NEVER!!!!!! Lawl ;D

Section 5{friends}

who is your best? Raeanne, Sarah, Katie, and John
loudest? Katie (both kingston and ziegel)
shyest? Me
laughs the most? raeanne actually. o.o; wow she's the emo kid. o.o;
cutest? Dakota
"hottest"? Raeanne, or caroline. or both. crazy lesbians. ;3
most popular? Caroline
known the longest? Sarah Loden or Raeanne (jr. kindergarden)
known the shortest? Liz?
do u belong to a crew? what's a crew? :?
hang w opposite sex? sometimes
trust your friends? no... actually.
are you a good friend? i don't think i am... people say otherwise
can you seriously keep a secret? sometimes. it depends on what it is. ;P

Section 6{last person you...}

hugged? Raeanne
IMed? Shelby
talked on the phone? Katie
fell in love with? John
tripped? some random kid who goes to my school on the town bus
turned down? Stephen

Section 7{personal}

What do u wanna be when u grow up? a manga-ka? web designer? programmer?
what was the worst day of ur life? the day john dumped me ;~;
most embarrsing story? And I’d tell you because?
best day of ur life? the say john asked if he could come visit me >_>
what comes first in ur life? Those who I care about most
b/f-g/f-crush? i misssss joohhhnnnn
where wud u put eyes if u had another pair? i have no clue. o.o;
what do u think bout b4 u go to bed? i don't think. i go to sleep immidiately.

Section 8{favorites}

Movie? o brother where art thou
Group? Red hot chili peppers
store? The buck or two.
relative? Auntie bree i guess...
sport? B-ball
vacation? last summer in california
ice cream? sorbet
fruit? apple
holiday? Halloween
day of week? saturday
candy? dark chocolate
color? purple
magazine? the last actual magazine i read was an "american girl" magazine. and i was like, 12. >_>
name for boy? it doesn't matter for me
name for girl? Sophie

Section 9{do you}?

like to give hugs? to certain people
like to walk in rain? MHM!! <3
sleep w. clothes on or off? I prefer them off mostly. >_>
dress up on halloween? you bet!
black or blue pens? blue
like someone? mhm ;~;
have a job? No
like to travel? yes
think ur attractive? ummm... no
sleep on ur side? sometimes. mostly on my back.
have a goldfish? used to.
want to marry? yes
go on vacation? occasionally
ever have the falling dream? oh yes.... >_> I jolt awake, in a sweat.
have stuffed animals? many. Toto is my favorite ;P

Section 10{what you think about?}

Abortion? it is the mothers choice. >:
Bill Clinton? whom?
Eating disorders? it's a 'disorder' usually not the persons fault.
summer? awesome
suicide? Nothing against it… I believe you should have the right to die when you want and how you want. :/
tatoos? depends. i would never let someone i know get a hideous tatoo D;
piercing? not too many. -shivers-
makeup? -goops layers on her eyes- hm? what were you saying?
drinking? icky-poo. other people can do it if they want. i hate the taste :P but wine is yummy.
guys? Hell yes ;3
girls? you bet. ;3

Section 11{this or that}

pierced nose or tongue? nose
belly button or eyebrow? Belly button
be serious or funny? Funny
law or anarchy? don't really... care... >_>
single or taken? single ;~;
bet or mtv? Neither
silver or gold? silver
sugar or salt? Sugar (although I like salty ;))
7th heaven or dawsons creek? How about neither?
angels or miracles? Angels
choclates or flowers? Chocolate!
rap or rock? rock
m+ms or skittles? m&m's...
stay up or sleep in? stay up.
hot or cold? hot.
tv or radio? radio
tall or short of oppisote sex? taller
left or right? left
sun or moon? moon
diamond or ruby? ruby
lots of aquantiances or 1 best friend? i prefer one best friend.
kids or no kids? dunno yet
vanilla or choclate? vanilla
cat or dog? dog
mustard or ketchup? ketchup
half-empty or half full? Half empty…
spring or fall? spring
magazine or news? news
rain or snow? rain
give or recieve? recieve. i'm a greedy grump >;
happy or sad? Sad :(
lace or satin? lace.....
year of hot sex or lifetime of friendship? year of hot sex? ;3
coudoroy or plaid? plaid
wonder or amazement? wonder
sneakers or sandals? sneakers
wendys or burger king? wendys
duct tape or scotch tape? scotch
lights on or off? off
house in woods or city? city
candy or soda? candy
nike or adidas? Neither?
pepsi or coke? Both?

Section 12{others}

do you go to church? Parents make me occaisionally
do u like church? Hate it. but i like the fact that i can sit there without talking to anyone and just think for one straight hour
favorite kind of tree? pine
friend w coolest house? Dakota
what u say when u see sum1 w green tights? -gigglesnort-
ever go on a blind date? no
cut yourself on purpose? yes
gotten divorced? no
been married? no
had a crush on a teacher? no
broken the law? yes.
what did you do? >_>
bi/straight/gay/lez? bi
skipped school? yea. >_>
taken partially nude/nude photos of self? yes
thrown up in a bar? no